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Tooth whitening is a great way to brighten the smile. The professional whitening systems available at dentists’ are based on the use of hydrogen peroxide in various concentrations and compounds. The basic principal is the same as when peroxide is used to whiten anything else from hair to clothes. The tooth surface, being porous, can absorb free radicals that chemically remove color molecules. The reason why different people get different results is because of the variations in peoples’ enamel and the concentration of the material applied, and most importantly, the amount of time this is dome for.

Many studies have shown that a mild concentration of whitening gel, used at home for a period of one to three weeks can give superb and lasting results. For those in a hurry, in-surgery whitening can be performed, which uses a higher concentration and a special activation light. Often in-surgery whitening is still used in conjunction with home whitening to ensure that the effect is long-lasting and stable.

At Regency House Dental Clinic, we employ all the different methods and use our experience to provide you with the optimum treated for you. Unfortunately we cannot comment on the non-peroxide whitening systems offered at various supermarkets and malls.

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Teeth WhiteningStarts from £220
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In chair whitening can give rapid results. Please discuss with the dentist which whitening process suits you the best.

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