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Minimally Invasive Teeth Treatment

Do you or your children have white spots on your teeth? Do the teeth look stained no matter how much they brush? Are there problem areas that could turn into cavities? Regency House Dental Clinic is proud to offer a revolutionary treatment that is minimally invasive: Icon Resin Infiltration.

What is ICON?

The traditional approach to treating caries (tooth decay and cavities) has included two options: Using fluoride to remineralize enamel or wait until it’s time to drill and fill. ICON is a breakthrough technology that fills and reinforces enamel without drilling or anesthesia.

What makes ICON the better option?

  • Pain-free
  • Minimizes demineralization
  • Immediate treatment
  • One simple procedure
  • No drilling
  • No anesthesia
  • Micro-invasive
  • Affordable
  • More effective than fluoride
  • Preserves healthy tooth structure

What is the ICONtreatment process?

Our dentists can carry out this treatment within one quick visit. After isolating affected teeth, a gel is applied to open the pore system, and then ethanol is used to dry the area. Next, ICON is applied, deeply penetrating into the lesion pores. Excess material is gently wiped away, the resin lightly cures, and the teeth are polished.

Is the Icon treatment painful?

No. ICON requires no shots or drilling.

How long doesan ICON treatment last?

We’ve seen results last for over three years. This treatment can be compared to teeth whitening which requires occasional maintenance for optimal results.

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