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What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a straightforward and effective way to make small adjustments to teeth using a specially formulated composite material. The treatment is also referred to as dental bonding or cosmetic bonding.

It’s one of our most popular Smile Makeover Cosmetic treatments at Regency House Dental Clinic.

A tooth coloured composite resin material is added to the tooth to help repair small chips, fractures and cracks, as well as improving the aesthetic appearance of discoloured, shortened or misshapen teeth. It’s the perfect cosmetic dental treatment for any patient wishing to fix any imperfections in their smile. It is a minimally invasive, pain free treatment requiring no anaesthetic or drilling.

Dental Bonding is Affordable and Long-lasting

Composite bonding is very affordable, effective, and less invasive than alternative solutions such as dental veneers or dental crowns. The procedure is completely pain free. No anaesthetic or drilling is required and it can usually be completed in just one appointment. Dental bonding treatment begins with an initial examination of your teeth where your individual requirements and any potential problems will be identified and discussed with you before work is started.

Ten benefits of Dental Cosmetic Bonding

  1. Improve the appearance of your smile quickly
  2. Long lasting – a dental bond can last up to 10 years
  3. Retain the health and natural structure of your tooth
  4. Can usually be completed in just one appointment
  5. Predictable aesthetic and functional results
  6. No drilling of the tooth necessary and therefore no injection required.
  7. Future treatment options are wide and varied in most cases. Failure is rare and very easy to fix.
  8. Suitable for patients of all ages with good dental and gum health.
  9. Results in natural tooth colour

Composite Bonding Pricing

Cost per toothbetween £250 – £350
Save on your upper archup to £1,000
Save on your upper and lower archup to £2,000
*Finance subject to status. APR apply

Smile Transformation With Composite Bonding

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental bonding is made out of a tough tooth coloured resin which is bonded to your teeth.

Bonding can enhance the existing colour of your teeth. The bonding process is often completed along with teeth whitening treatment.

If your bonding is well looked after and maintained it can last many years.

Veneers, fixed braces and Invisalign are a few alternative treatment options. At your initial consultation we will advise you on all your options.
No. Composite bonding is particularly good as we don’t remove any tooth structure. It is a non-invasive procedure, so it is pain free and perfectly safe for your teeth.


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