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Orthodontics St Albans

We provide orthodontics for all age groups (6 years upwards). Orthodontics is provided privately (not on the NHS). There are broadly three types of orthodontics:

Interceptive Orthodontics

This is the assessment of the development of a child’s facial structures and the provision, if necessary, of devices or appliances that can help to guide the development.

Comprehensive Orthodontics

Comprehensive orthodontics is ‘text-book’ orthodontics aimed at achieving ‘ideal’ results for patients according to agreed-upon objectives. This would be done primarily for young patients (teenagers and young adults) so that it’s done ‘properly’ and for adults who are willing to undergo the lengthier treatment times and costs.


Invisalign is like wearing braces, except no braces are needed—or seen. This system tosses out the metal wires and brackets and uses clear, medical-grade plastic aligners in their place. These aligners are designed specifically for you, so they fit directly over the teeth, avoiding any gaps that would make them visible to those around you. This means that your treatment will only be between us and you.

Cosmetic Adult Orthodontics

Cosmetic adult orthodontics is a range of tooth straightening treatments aimed at satisfying the needs of adults who do not wish to embark on 18-24 months of comprehensive orthodontics. Marvellous visible results are obtained without the need for complex metal wire systems or lengthy treatment plans that interfere with busy lifestyles. Treatment objectives tend to focus on straightening the visible teeth without attempting to correct serious problems involving the bite or skeletal problems. This treatment is usually not suitable for children or teenagers. Cosmetic adult orthodontics can be provided by either a specialist orthodontist or a suitably trained general dentist. The practitioner will be able to assess you for suitability for this treatment. If the treatment is too complex you will be advised to undergo more advanced or comprehensive treatment.

The benefits of cosmetic adult orthodontics:

  • Shorter treatment times – typically 6-9 months

  • Either discreet tooth colored wire systems such as Six Month Smiles or Incognito (wires on the backs of the teeth)

  • Or completely clear plastic trays (aligners) such as Invisalign,  that are worn one after another to gradually move the teeth into them.

Treatment at Regency House Dental Clinic

We provide the full range of orthodontics from specialist orthodontics to cosmetic adult orthodontics.

We offer a free initial consultation. The dentist/orthodontist will have general look at your teeth and discuss your desired objectives with you. Treatment options will be offered verbally and in brief and a guide price will also be given but this can only be confirmed after the full assessment.

If you are interested and wish to take the next step, a full assessment is required. This involves:

  • X-rays that shows all your teeth and jaws.
  • Impressions to make study models of your teeth
  • Photography of the teeth and the bite
  • An email will then be sent to you with full options and costs and anticipated treatment times

If you choose to go ahead, you will receive another email with further information and a consent form. You will need to read the information and to sign the consent form to indicate that you wish to go ahead. If you prefer, you can bring the consent form with you and sign it after you have asked any questions you may have.