Fees Guide 2024

New patient examination£95
Registered patient examination£65
Children Exam£45
Routine examination & hygiene with your dentist£175
Small  radiographs£10
Sectional CBCT£125
Hygienist first appointment (30 minutes)£105
Hygienist first appointment with Periodontal charting£135
Hygienist routine 30 minutes appointment£75
Hygienist routine 45 minutes appointment£105
Hygiene with the dentist (30 minutes)£135
Hygiene with the dentist (45 minutes)£175
Additional fee for airflow£40
Periodontal examination£150
Periodontal treatment (non-surgical)£250 per sextant
Anterior small£87
Anterior medium£117
Anterior large£147
Posterior small£127
Posterior medium£187
Posterior largeFrom £227-£257
Temporary filling£95
Fluoride application per sextant£37
Fissure sealant per tooth£47
RCT Consultation£75
Root canal treatment-Anterior£550
Root canal treatment- Posterior£675
Endodontic re-treatment additional fee£100
Emergency pulp extirpation£179
Composite inlay medium£499
Emax medium£649
Emax Large£749
Gold inlay medium£495
Gold inlay large£595
Porcelain fused to non precious metal£699
Emax crown£799
Zirconia crown£799
Interim acrylic crown£299
Recement Crown£95
Post, prefabricated£159
Post, custom-made in lab£299
Core build-up£99
Porcelain pontic /retainer£699
Porcelain fused to non-precious metal – retainer£699
Maryland retainer£299
Zirconia pontic£699
Zirconia retainer£699
Interim bridge per unit£209
Recement Bridges£119
Simple extraction£100-£200
Complex extraction£200-£300
Surgical extraction incl bone and soft tissue£400-£500
Root resection£595
Acrylic partial denture 1-3 teeth£499
Acrylic partial denture 3+ teethfrom £599
Acrylic full denture single archfrom £1500
Acrylic full dentures upper and lowerfrom £2700
Valplast denturefrom £597
Chrome Cobalt partial denturefrom £995
Tooth Addition£159
Denture repairfrom £159
Addition of claspsfrom £79
Initial ConsultationFree
3D X-Ray£180
Single Tooth Implant with Crown (not including bone or soft tissue grafting)from £2200 – £2600
Multiple Implants (when more than one implant are being provided in the same course of treatment)£1900 – £2400 each
Three-unit Bridge on Two Implants£4300 approx.
Bone Grafting£300 – £900
Block Grafting£900 – £1500
Sinus Grafting (Lateral Window) procedure£1300 – £1500
Sinus Floor Elevation (Sinus Floor Lift)£200
Denture Implants (Implants to Support removable dentures)£1,300 each
Full Arch Dental Implant Treatment
All-on-Four£11,000 – £13,000
All-on-Six£13,000 – £15,000
Additional Fee for Zirconia Full Arch Bridge£2000
Upper and Lower All-on-Four (Titanium- Acrylic)£25,000
Upper and Lower All-on-Four (Zirconia)£29,000
Full Arch with Zygomatic Implants£18,000-£20,000
Corrective Surgery£1,000
Orthodontic assessment including OPG – metal braces£125
Orthodontic assessment including OPG -Invisalign£125
Clear retainer£187
Essix retainers£180 each
Fixed retainers£150 each
Vivera retainers£400 for 3 sets
Fixed Metal BracesFrom £2500-£4500
Fixed Ceramic BracesFrom £2500-£4500
InvisalignFrom £2500-£4500
Hygiene + In chair whitening£200
Hygiene + In chair whitening with a Dentist £270
Blanc-One In-chair whitening alone (not suitable for new patients)£125
Home Kit upper & lower including 4 gels£350
Single tray, two gels£200
Whitening Gel syringe£20
Internal tooth whitening (per tooth)£200 – £300
Lips Upper Onlyfrom £285
Lips Lower Onlyfrom £285
Upper and Lower Lips (heart lips)from £655
Nose to Mouth Linesfrom £365
Cheeksfrom £480
Tear Troughsfrom £450
* Results for Dermal Fillers can last up to 12 months.
Frown Lines (above nose)from £195
Forehead Completefrom £265
Crows Feetfrom £195
Frown lines, Forehead and Crows Feetfrom £320
Neck and Lower Facefrom £350
Armpits for excessive sweating (per armpit)from £300
* Results for BotulinumToxin can last up to 4 months.
Composite Veneersfrom £350
Ceramic Veneersfrom £800
Emergency session out of hours from £200