Dr. Francesca Bonatti

GDC reg. no:

Specialist Title in Orthodontics by ESO Orthodontic School.
Invisalign provider in London since 2008 and in Brazil since 2011. Highly skilled and experienced with this clear aligners system having amazing cases results during the last 12 years )

 2003 – 2004 University Extension Course in Corrective Orthodontic Clinic- University of São Paulo Dental School 1999 – 2001 Orthodontia and Facial Orthopaedics Professional Pos Graduation Course – Brazilian Orthodontia and Maxillary Orthopaedics Association / 384 hours 1998 Orthodontics and Facial Orthopaedics Refresher Course – School for Professional Development 1997 Operative and Aesthetic Dentistry Refresher Course – Araraquara Dental School 1994 – 1998 University of Uberaba – School of Dentistry – B 

Available on Saturdays  10-4