This is the field that deals with the growth and development of the teeth and jaws.

For children, orthodontics can be used to guide growth and help move the teeth into the right position. In adults, orthodontics is being used more and more to achieve fast re-alignment of teeth that may have become crooked after years of orthodontics as a teenager, or for people who have never benefitted from straight teeth but do not want to undergo comprehensive long-term orthodontics.

At Regency House Dental Clinic, we treat only adults requiring cosmetic straightening of their teeth. Children are referred to our orthodontic specialist colleagues nearby.

Various uses include:

  • gentle repositioning of rotated or crowded teeth to give a nicer smile without the need for crowns or veneers
  • helping to create space for dental implants
  • moving teeth into a better position even if veneers are planned so as to reduce the need for excessive tooth preparation.

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