We will be happy to offer our help if you have a dental emergency. Please have a read through these possible situations to help you decide what to do. If you have a regular dentist you can’t access, we can help you deal with the main problem, then provide you with a report to give to your dentist to continue the treatment. Please call us on 01727848080.

Emergency Remedy Recommendation
Crown or bridge has come off Will need recementing. Can wait till next day but the sooner the better to protect the tooth/teeth.
There may be underlying problems that make replacing the crown or bridge difficult or impossible
Call for advice. An emergency appointment might not be necessary.
Severe toothache that is made worse by hot fluids and keeps me up Likely to be a ‘bad nerve’ that needs to be removed by root canal or a tooth extraction. Call for advice or to arrange an appointment.
Tooth fell out If it’s an adult tooth, try to put it back in its place. If this is difficult, put the tooth in milk and call us straight away Go to hospital or call us immediately
Loose teeth following trauma such as a fall or a punch Situation might be better looked at in hospital to ensure no other injuries Call for advice
Lost a filling Might be due to decay or might have come unstuck. Call for advice
Our Call out fee after 6 pm £100, after 8 pm £150
The call-out fee is in addition to the fee for treatment which is according to the normal fees guide.