Regency House Dental Clinic proudly provides general and cosmetic dentistry services for patients in St Albans and Hertfordshire. Our aim is to provide premium dental service at affordable prices. Our use of the latest technology and highest level of patient care in a comfortable, modern and compassionate surroundings makes us a unique experience for all our patients. If you suffer from a toothache, have chipped teeth, or simply dream of having the perfect smile, schedule an appointment with us without thinking any further.

Our range of dental services which you can benefit from include:

Oral health and dental hygiene in St Albans

Basic oral hygiene is the key to a better health and overall wellness. When the teeth receive proper care, they function better and last longer. We provide our patients with routine dental checkups and dental cleanings as prevention against progressive issues such as periodontal disease, decay and halitosis.

Orthodontics in St Albans

We provide the full range of orthodontics- specialist orthodontics and cosmetic adult orthodontics. Misaligned teeth can be cured at Regency House Dental clinic with the help of our amazing team of dentist. Cosmetic adult orthodontics provides dental support to all those who are not willing to embark on months of orthodontics treatments. Advanced treatments like Six months Smile and Invisalign are available at our Dental Practice in St Albans.

Endodontics  in St Albans

Our endodontics services help to save your teeth from pain and infection. We provide treatment options for damaging teeth. When a tooth becomes infected, the recommended approach is to perform root canal therapy which is a restorative dental treatment offered by our friendly dentist in St Albans.

Dental Implants in St Albans

We do everything to save your teeth but dental implants are the last resort to help you smile confidently again.We offer single tooth implant, multiple teeth implants and implants over denture.We also provide Teeth in a day’ method of dental implants treatment that allows a patient to get a full fixed set of upper teeth on dental implants in around six hours. Dental Implants at Regency House Dental practice are the ultimate solution to restoring the appearance, health and function to your smile.

Facial Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry in St Albans

Our cosmetic dentists are fully equipped with both experience and technology to help you achieve a beautiful dream smile. Facial rejuvenation treatments can enhance your look and take years off your face. We provide anti-wrinkles treatments to turn back time for you. We also provide our solutions to discolored, misshapen, chipped and missing teeth. Common procedures include teeth whitening, veneers and crowns.

Emergency Dentist St Albans

Our staff understands that dental emergencies often happen unexpectedly and in an instant can cause unbearable pain. When these problems arise, we promise to make time for you by staying late, shifting appointments and focusing on getting you in our office and out of pain as quickly as possible.

To book your appointment, call our friendly team on: 01727 848 080