Update at The Regency House Dental Clinic


30th March 2020


Dear Patient

It is now the 30th of March and about a week into the general COVID-19 lockdown. We thought we’d send you an update on what the situation is at the dental practice, how to get help if you need us and what our plans are for the future.

The current situation.

At the moment, we are all advised to stay at home. Dentists are required to avoid routine dentistry, and to carry out consultations by phone or internet (zoom, google, skype etc…) to help reassure patients and to send prescriptions if necessary.

How to get help?

For dental emergencies like broken teeth, severe pain, bleeding or swelling, please call us on 07581780171 or 01727848080 so that we can triage you and offer suitable advice and care. We are following the guidelines of the Chief Dental Officer of England and will let you know as soon as we are able to invite you back to the clinic.


You can also email us to [email protected] and we will respond immediately.


Anyone who has a dental appointment should please call us if we haven’t already called you to reschedule or add you to our waiting list so that we can see you as soon as things get back to normal.


The future

There is no doubt that this crisis will eventually blow over and life should get back to normal. However, the current practise of dentistry will most likely be subject to more rigorous controls in terms of PPE and cross-contamination prevention.

The Regency House Dental Clinic is already ahead in this respect. Many of you will have noticed our routine use of disposable gowns, hats and visors for our oral surgery and implants procedures. We will be extending this to all procedures including hygiene and simple fillings from now on. Appointments will be longer, with longer gaps in between to allow for the additional cleaning of all surfaces, doors, handles etc. You will also notice that there will be much less clutter in the waiting area and in the surgeries, to allow easier and frequent wiping down of all surfaces. We will also be investing in specialised air filters that eliminate microorganisms and viruses from the air, which will be made to run for 10-15 minutes between patient sessions. All of these measures will be implemented immediately upon our return to work to ensure the safety of our patients and staff from any airborne or droplet-borne infective agents.

We will be sending you videos and images to confirm this as soon as we can.

We would like to thank you for your understanding of the situation and we look forward to seeing you at the soonest possible opportunity.

Kindest regards

Ali, Hatem, Brunilda, Jackie, Mariam.


The Regency House team

23rd March 2020

Dear Patients

To protect our patients, staff and the general public, treatment at the Regency House Dental Clinic is now limited to emergencies and the completion of treatments that were already begun.

Don’t worry! We’re still here to help

Temporary opening hours during this period will be between 9.30 and 2.30 daily Monday to Thursday and 9.30 to 1.00 on Friday with the emergency cover on Saturday and Sunday.

If you need treatment, please first call our staff on 07581 780171 or leave a message with your number. One of our dentists will ring you back immediately to discuss your condition and provide advice or arrange for you to be seen and treated as soon as possible.

Keep safe, wash your hands, and please

don’t touch your mouth or face!