Cosmetic adult orthodontics is a range of tooth straightening treatments aimed at satisfying the needs of adults who do not wish to embark on 18-24 months of comprehensive orthodontics.

Marvelous visible results are obtained without the need for complex metal wire systems or lengthy treatment plans that interfere with busy lifestyles.

Treatment objectives tend to focus on straightening the visible teeth without attempting to correct serious problems involving bite or skeletal problems. This treatment is usually not suitable for children or teenagers

This is usually deliverable by a suitably trained general dental practitioner rather than a specialist orthodontist. The general dental practitioner will be able to assess you for suitability for this treatment. If the treatment is too complex you will be advised to see a specialist orthodontist who will have a wider range of options and specialist equipment.

The advantages of these systems:

Shorter treatment times – typically 6-9 months

Either discreet tooth coloured wire systems such as Six Month Smiles

Or completely clear plastic trays (aligners) that are worn one after another to gradually move the teeth into them.

Treatment at Regency House Dental Clinic.

The treatments available are ‘Six-month Smiles and Clear Aligners :

We offer a free initial consultation. The dentist st albans will have general look at your teeth and discuss your desired objectives with you. Treatment options will be offered verbally and in brief or you will be advised if treatment requires a specialist. A guide price will also be given but this can only be confirmed after the full assessment.

If you are interested and wish to take the next step, a full assessment is required. This involves:

  • A panoramic x-ray – a large x-ray that shows all your teeth and jaws. We will ask you to visit one of our colleagues practices for this as we do not have the space for the large x-ray machine
  • Impressions to make study models of your teeth
  • Photography of the teeth and the bite
  • The information is then processed by our London laboratory for clear aligners or our New York labs for six-month smiles
  • An email will then be sent to you with full options and costs and anticipated treatment times
  • The cost of this assessment is £250 and is non-refundable

If you choose to go ahead, you will receive another email with further information and a consent form. You will need to read the information and to sign the consent form to indicate that you wish to go ahead. If you prefer, you can bring the consent form with you and sign it after you have asked any questions you may have.


Clear aligners are currently priced at £180 per aligner. If your treatment is fairly simple this can be an extremely cost effective method.

Six month smiles ranges from £1200 to £1800 per arch depending on complexity which varies depending on the estimated treatment time required, so two arches can be £2400-£3900.

Retainers are priced separately at £150 per retainer and this is chargeable if the retainer is lost and replaced.

Finance is offered for treatment that exceeds £1500 or you can do your own pay-as-you-go method which usually works very well as the treatment is naturally spaced out over time. To book your Free Consultation, please call us on  01727 848 080 or click here